Dem Singles Doe: 2014

by Fresh 'n Sleazy

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with 2015 almost over we realized we should probably release something so here is the greatest hit singles from FnS in 2014


released September 22, 2015

solar_eyes - vocals
face_williams - sounds



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Fresh 'n Sleazy

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Track Name: Space Shuttle
it's pretty damn real when you're out in the field,
makin' drug deals so the pain will yield.
I smoke the herb just so I won't kill.
knowin' how you feel, I ill, an' then I'm chill.
all these fuckin' wars kinda put me in the mood.
we're all screwed, I wouldn't kid with you, dude.
the only thing that I can do to keep me complete,
is write a word to this beat, so I could keep it in sync.
see, it's kinda hard when you don't know your purpose in life.
you struggle through strife,
and still end up with a knife
in your back,
and it's a fact that if you've fallen down flat,
there's always on more thing that crushes you to a mat.
so I gotta stand strong in these times of wrong.
although it's just a song, I won't be strung-along.
run along, pushed along 'till I'm dead in the ground.
there's so much more that's happenin' here and abound,
and around back down, into the deapths I go.
every day hell just gets closer, it's beginning to show.
and it grows, and it folds, and it molds into those, societal norms,
that form your opinion, on how to conform.
well fuck that,
I'd rather be blue and black for standing up for me,
standing up for you.

not comin' in soft, but smooth, we lay it down thick.
we got the beats you need an' no, we ain't slick.
so much shit in the world today and you know it's
always been there, it's never gone away (hey!).
what we need, is a way to come together.
we see our world and we know it can be better.
coexisting as one, in peace and unity.
we form together the sum of perfect harmony.
what has happened in the past, it cannot be erased.
we must use it as a basis, we won't live the same fate.
and I'm serious as shit about changing this place,
if you have something to say, you can say it to my face.
then, like men, we'll sit and talk it out.
we'll have a battle of words, one mouth against mouth (tee-hee!).
and you'll see as I tell you, that each and every day,
children are beat, molested, bullied, and slaved.
your petty problems are of a minor concern
yet you state them obvious with each of your words.
so for all those that feel us, then this one's for you.
we keep on rockin' your head, while keepin' it tuned.

throw your hands up! (come on everybody!)
throw those hands up! (let's make some noise!)

do you look at the real picture or merely a painted one?
of oils so blurred you thought you were having fun.
but listen, take heed at the need I read,
pouring straight out my head, implanting in like a seed.
to the breed of those freed, from media MC's.
to the women and men, who feel they don't need the greed.
let that seedling sprout, and let it grow to form,
new ideas to take your further than the national norm.
dark clouds will evaporate in the sky of your mind.
you must find your own light, undo these ties that bind us.
together we must sever ourselves from racist thought.
we're all one, the human race, on this goddamn rock.
now, if this sounds like cheesy-sap, bullshit-crap,
then you're far too under television's mask of what is rap.
attacking the establishment,
backing them against the rafters that surround us
taking hold of the situation, and bring about a new change of reform. they don't want it to happen but it's already sworn.
just look at our ridiculous flags in the wind.
there's not one for earth, the one and true nation.

I'm just kickin' around a new sound, underground where it lies.
an opportunity for you to see that I've opened your eyes.
now close them again and I'll begin to enter your mind.
a frame of consciousness not lost since the beginning of time.
see, love, the force that has driven human course
through the horror of disease, devistation, remorse.
each time that we're hit harder, we bounce back with enforcement. only love will keep us strong, to honor those who were closest.
there's a bottomless well of knowledge in the pockets of our soul,
if you tap into it you sift through the dream of human's whole
identity, we're meant to be, creatures with one goal.
we'll come together, travel stars, we've just begun our role.
in galaxies everywhere, are creatures with morals,
so completely different, than humans have ever known.
and to get there will be difficult, as history as shown, but we must learn from our mistakes, and show we've really grown.
in this age of computers don't let them take control.
machines programmed to run our lives is hardly a good call.
it is the early 2000's, great time to be alive y'all.
let's get together and take it for that long haul.
drop that ego, pick up some slack, if we're only here once,
there ain't no comin' back.

throw your hands up! (come on everybody!)
throw those hands up! >chamone!< (let's make some noise!)

(studio fade-out)
Track Name: Livin' Large
livin' large in the casino, gettin' down in the buffet.
I'm gettin' down in the buffet in every kinda fuckin' way.

on my birthday, 26, nothin' to do,
kickin' back, hangin' out with my homie, Jude.
5:30 comes around, I ask, "what should we do?"
"We should go on up to vegas, bang an asian prostitute."
damn, okay dude, let's get in the car.
we can make it there by midnight, 'cause it ain't that far.
when we got in the town, we hit the hotel bar.
then gambled like bandits, 'till the five o'clock hour.

livin' large in the casino, gettin' down in the buffet.
I'm gettin' down in the buffet in every kinda fuckin' way.

every single hotel room was outta our price range.
we didn't win no money, I know, isn't that so strange?
all we had was a couple bills, pockets of spare change.
could not afford to stay in downtown, that's so lame.
but I still had an ace up this sleeve, or maybe two.
I didn't have a worry, I knew just what to do.
I drove us to the paris, parked us clear out of view.
we slept for five hours, got up to star anew.

my name is MC Solar Eyes,
I bet on black most every time,
and I learned that tip from the dolphin,
that guy is a firend of mine.
at the craps I roll a 9,
4 more shots, I'm feelin' fine.
then I head over to the buffet,
the time has come to dine.

grab a plate of lobster
and a plate of crab legs,
a plate of roast beef,
plate of salmon in a glaze.
and grab a plate of three different types of potatoes,
plus a bowl of five desserts, that's the way it goes
(yeah, I‘'m livin' large).

livin' large in the casino, gettin' down in the buffet.
I'm gettin' down in the buffet in every kinda fuckin' way.

I'm livin' large.
Track Name: Headphones
gimme da headphones
Track Name: Over 30
I'm over 30, I got a job and a dog.
I got a 4-door, tan sedan parked out in the garage.
and oh yeah, next to that’s a big ass white SUV,
although the only one who rides inside is usually me.
I'm guilty of doing things I said I never would do.
letting go of my ideals for beliefs that are new and who knew?
when I was 20 I'd say “that couldn’'t be true."
but when you get to 30 it’ll happen to you.

what will they do when they realize that you know,
that they know you realize you’'re over 30?

I got a tough chick, she much tougher than you.
oh she a bad bitch, and always tells me what to do.
but if you think I'm pussy whipped I say fuck you.
my girl, she make me money, I say who pimpin’ who?

what will they do when they realize that you know,
that they know you realize you’re over 30?

I got health insurance bitch.
vision and dental.
my co-pay is so low,
you’d think the doctor gone mental.
and it's a good thing
I'm making bank at the office,
my feet got a wicked case
of plantar fasciitis.
I take those supplements:
garlic, calsum, magneezum,
and for my knees some capsaicin.
echinacea and lysine,
spirulina, pottasum,
omeg-3, vitamin k
(warning: the preceding statements
have not been evaluated by the FDA).

my life is a snack and a series of naps
awaiting the gondolas our first spat in two weeks, two days.
sorcery weather requires a unicorn sweater,
though I doubt very much it will protect you from him.
but a three-limb swim will get you somewhere eventually,
laying on your back, crushing clams on your chest rock.
I must balk,
at the irreverent irrelevance of earthly development.
like that?
don't clap.
fear the sentinels.
life is genitals.

what will they do when they realize you’re over 30?

what will they do when they realize that you know,
that they know you realize you’re over 30?

Over 30.